How To Earn Money From Instagram In India 2020

Do you know Social Media is one of the fastest-growing industry and its growth has been rapid during the past few years?

The number of Internet users has increased to about 4.5 Billion worldwide.

This brings an opportunity to make a lot of money with the help of the massive Internet.

Have you ever tried to monetize your Instagram Page?

If No, then today I am going to walk you through each and every step and process that you must follow to make money from Instagram.

Now being an Indian, you might think that it is difficult to make money from Instagram because of the low purchasing power of the Indian people.

But earning from Instagram is not just limited to the country you are residing in. You can make money on Instagram from all around the world just by sitting in India.

But you need to play smartly to start making money from your Instagram Page.

Before getting started, let’s talk about some interesting facts about the booming social media platform “Instagram” and how it is an opportunity to make a lot of money online.

Instagram was launched in 2010 and in less than six years it has become one of the best social media platforms.

It was just a mere photo-sharing application and now it has about 1 Billion active users around the world.

With the inclusion of Instagram Stories, its growth has tremendously exploded leaving the most popular social platform “Snapchat” behind.

Its statistics seem very remarkable.

Most people love Instagram because of its simplicity and its user engagement on the platform is quite impressive.

About 500M users are active daily on Instagram and millions of posts, videos, and stories are uploaded every single day.

The time span of a user is also much more on Instagram.

Most businesses are on Instagram to promote their brand. They spend a lot of money on advertising because of the high engagement rate on the platform.

From this data, it can be said that Instagram is the best platform to make money online which has its wide reach of audience.

Are you still doubting, how to earn money from Instagram in India? Keep your doubt aside and continue reading the article.

Yes, it is possible to generate huge money from Instagram no matter where are you from.

Let’s jump into our main topic which you are searching for.

How To Earn Money From Instagram In India

1. Become an Instagram Influencer

You can make money on Instagram as an influencer.

Now you might ask, What is an Instagram Influencer?

Influencers are the people who have a huge social media following and have established an authentic relationship with their followers.

Brands are ready to pay a lot to promote themselves through Instagram Influencers. Connecting with influencers gives the brand an opportunity to show their products or services to a targeted audience.

Becoming an Influencer can provide you an opportunity to earn a decent amount of money by collaborating with brands.

How much an Influencer can make, solely depends on the size of their followers and how well their audience is engaged with them.

Now you might be thinking how will I gain such a huge targeted following.

Don’t worry I will guide you on how to grow Instagram followers explaining everything from scratch.

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

It’s difficult to grow organically on Instagram if you don’t have a proper strategy.

The below-listed points will help you to grow fast organically.

1) Selecting a Targeted Niche

You just can’t talk around everything. If you want to build a real following you must research your interest very well so that you can add value to your audience. 

Some of the best niches that you can pick are beauty, travel, health & fitness, fashion, food, photography, business, motivation, etc. 

It all depends on you to decide your interest. Also, the niche should be monetizable, for example, a health & fitness influencer can promote health supplements or a course that will help you to lose weight faster.

The next 3 Steps show about How to make the Instagram profile attractive.

2) Craft a Good Username

Your username is the most important factor for your Instagram account. Make sure that it is short and easily searchable. 

Avoid dashes and numbers in between the name which will make your audience difficult to remember. 

Try to use the name that relates to your brand or business. This will help you in building trust with your followers and eventually benefit you in gaining more followers.

3) Clear Profile Picture

The first thing that people see on your account is not your content but your profile picture. 

If you are a personal brand, then try a professional photo that clearly shows your face so that it captures your real personality. 

For a business or a niche page, you can use a brand logo that can grab people’s attention. Your logo should be in such a way that people can just recognize your brand seeing the logo. 

For example, when you see the Amazon logo, you don’t need to see the name “Amazon”. All it takes is the quick recognition of the logo and you know who it is.

4) An Attractive Bio

After having a look at your username and profile picture, people have an eye on your bio. 

Bio is a short description of fewer than 150 characters about you or your brand. It is important to make your bio a perfect one. 

Don’t include unnecessary information to waste the character limit. Just be simple, short and crisp. 

Write something that relates to you or your brand. I would suggest you use emojis wherever possible which will make the profile look more attractive.

You can also include your website URL in the bio link as this is the only place to put a clickable link on Instagram.

This way you can make the Instagram profile attractive.

5) Post Content Regularly

Content plays an important role in growing your audience. Instagram is a visual platform, so you just can’t upload low-quality photos. 

Make sure your content stands out from the rest of your competitors. I recommend you make valuable video content too as it has higher engagement. 

Your success solely depends on your persistence. If you are not consistent enough in posting regularly, you can’t do well on Instagram. 

Try to use caption in a better way to describe your content. Don’t make it too lengthy. Convey the message in a short crisp way including proper relevant emojis. 

You can also use Call To Action(CTA) in the caption to direct your followers towards taking the action. CTA may be like, “Like the post if you agree” or “Click the link in bio” or “Answer the question in the comment”. In this way, you can make your content stand out.

6) Use Relevant Hashtags

Now comes the real part, #hashtags.

Your content can’t reach a larger audience if you don’t make use of them. Hashtags are the most powerful thing which will help your Instagram Page to grow organically. 

Instagram allows you to add 30 #hashtags in every post. But, I recommend you to use 20-25 per post. 

You just can’t add any random hashtags, it should be relevant to your content. 

Now, How to use Instagram Hashtags to boost your posts

You can go to the explore section and research all the hashtags that are contextual to your content. 

Try to include all the combinations of small size, medium-size and large size hashtags every time you post. 

I don’t recommend you put them in the caption, rather use them as a first comment which will make the post look clean.

7) Stories

People love Stories more than a post. About 200M stories are viewed every day. 

You need to leverage stories more than your posts. Not all your followers are going to see your posts but they will see the stories just floating at the top. 

You can overlay some text in photos and upload them as a story. I recommend you to post at least 4 or 5 stories per day at different time intervals. 

If you have 10K followers, Instagram Story has a feature to swipe up which allows you to add a link and direct your audience to your website.

8) Engage with Your Followers

After posting your content, you can’t forget it or left it unnoticed. You must take care of your followers by replying to their comments or DMs. 

This will help you in building a relationship with them so that whenever you pitch them a product they have trust in you which can influence them to buy it. 

Don’t let any questions or conversations go unattended. Reply to each of them and help them to solve their problem.

9) Relationship with Other Influencers

Do you want to grow fast on Instagram?

But what if you are just starting out and have fewer followers. 

In this case, you can’t miss out to make a relationship with other influencers in your niche or industry. This will help you to get exposed to their audience. 

By collaborating with other influencers, you can cross-promote each others’ content. 

Or else, you can find out an influencer on your niche and pay him for promotion. This will help you to gain targeted followers in a short period of time.

These 9 Ways will help you to grow your Instagram followers organically.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The next best way to make money from Instagram is affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have your own products, you can act as an affiliate to promote others’ products through your Instagram account.

I recommend you to refer only those products to your followers which you have used and trust the most. Don’t just pitch them whatever products or offers you get.

Moreover, the products or services should be related to your niche. For example, if you are a fitness influencer, you can promote health supplement products and not a course to build an online business. It should be highly contextual to your audience.

There are so many platforms where you can sign-up as an affiliate and promote the products.

I recommend you find a useful product that may help your audience and get the affiliate link for the same. The affiliate links are usually long and look ugly, so I recommend you to shorten it using

There is only one place on Instagram where you can put your link that is in your bio.

You can create a post showing the product and include CTA in your caption “Link in Bio” so that they can purchase the product through your link.

Some of the platforms that you can Sign-Up as an affiliate:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program:

This is one of the best affiliate programs to join. It has a wide range of products that you can promote. You will get up to 10% commission whenever someone buys from your link.

  • ClickBank:

ClickBank mostly has high-quality digital products across various categories that you can promote to your audience. You can select a product with a high gravity score which indicates how well the product has been sold by other affiliates.

  • ShareASale:

Another most popular affiliate network is ShareASale with over 20 categories of products. You can register yourself in 5-Simple Steps and start promoting the products.

  • MaxBounty:

MaxBounty is a Canadian based CPA network that operates worldwide. CPA’s offers are easily convertible as it required only some action and you can earn a high payout.

  • Teespring:

Teespring allows you to create designs that can be printed on dresses. You can include the URL of your design in the bio and whenever someone makes a purchase, you get a commission. This works best if you are in a fashion niche.

You can find out more affiliate networks, sign-up on them and start promoting the products. In this way, you can make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing.

3. Selling your Own Products & Services

If you have your own products or services, then Instagram may be the best place to promote it.

You can take pictures of your products and post them to generate a sale.

Or you can also create an online store following the steps below:

  • Open an online shop on Shopify
  • Create an Instagram around your niche
  • Promote your Products
  • Make money on every sale

Are you good at some Skills?

If yes, then you can provide your services to your audience and charge a fee for the service. Services may be photography lessons, web designing, logo and graphic designing, content writing, copywriting, etc.

4. Selling Photos

If you just love photography, then you can make a lot of money just by selling photos. There are companies or brands that are willing to pay you to use your photo.

There are many marketplaces out there that you can sign-up and list your photos. One of the most popular platforms is Foap.

You just need to sign-up, build your profile and portfolio of your photos and make 5$ for each sale. You will receive your payment through PayPal.

Some other platform that you can register for:

  • 500px
  • Snapwire
  • Twenty20

5. Sponsored Posts & Stories

If you have a huge following and high engagement you can make money by finding sponsors.

The brands or businesses can contact you or you can approach them for their promotion and you can charge a good amount for each sponsored post.

Not only brands, but you can also help to grow other Instagram Pages that are similar to your niche and charge them according to your reach and engagement.

Don’t randomly promote sponsored posts just to make money. Sponsor only those that you trust, otherwise, you will lose all your followings and relationship with them.

6. Capturing Leads & Traffic

Some of the businesses will pay you just to put their URL in your bio.

This is just an example. *This may be their own link.

This will help them to generate leads and traffic to their website. If you have a huge following you can make money using this method.

But make sure to take care of your audience by collaborating with partners that are in your niche.

7. Handle Other’s Instagram Account

There are people who don’t have enough time to manage their accounts. So here you come into play.

Do you know how to grow and handle Instagram Pages?

Then you can make money by handling and managing others’ Instagram Pages and charge them on a monthly basis.

8. Selling Your Instagram Accounts

Are you no longer be able to manage your account?

Don’t worry, you can make money selling Instagram accounts. Your hard work has not gone to waste.

If you have huge followers, you can sell for a higher amount. Some of the platforms that facilitate this process are ViralAccounts, FameSwap, SocialTradia, and Eflipo.

This is not applicable to personal accounts. It’s good for business or niche pages.

Last Thoughts

I hope now you have got an idea on how to earn money from Instagram in India.

Making money on Instagram is not so tough if you follow the strategy. But you need patience and hard work to build your following.

I hope after reading the article you are clear about how to grow your page organically and make money.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends.

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